Psp I-Scan
Psp I-Scan
Psp I-Scan


Psp I-Scan
Psp I-Scan
Psp I-Scan
Psp I-Scan


Psp I-Scan



Wireless Image Plate Scanner

Powerful processing capability

8-core CPU (containing 4 Arm Cortex-A53s,

1 Arm Cortex-M4F, 1 GPU, 1 VPU, and 1 FPU) developed with 14nm LPC FinFET advanced process technology, and FPGA used as a coprocessor, bring a smoother image processing experience thanks to more powerful processing capability.

Powerful algorithm

One-click ultra-clear algorithm

Multi-level structure image algorithm framework enhances the details of super-resolution images.

Ultra-high performance

8-core CPU developed with 14nm

advanced LPC FinFET process technology

FPGA used as a coprocessor

Over 100 million data acquired per dental film

Bring a smoother image processing experience

Super screen

7-inch 800*1280 ultra-high resolution capacitive touch screen

Realize the analysis of images with clear details on the i-Scan and computer, ensuring the reliable diagnosis basis for dentists.

Powerful software

One-click installation, easy operation and all-round function

Professional and accurate image processing and intelligent image optimization

Support for multiple languages

Flexible and compact

Covering only 0.13 m, the powerful,full-featured and compactly-designed

i-Scan can be set up in dental clinics efficiently, easy for direct use beside the chair.

Ultra-thin and flexible plate

Imported ultra-thin imaging plate can be reused more than 1000 times.

The imaging plate is only 0.4mm

in thickness, softer than conventional films.

A total of 4 size (0-3) intraoral imaging plates can be used on i-Scan, allowing the photographing of various tooth positions.

Scan and see

One-click starting, scanning and imaging viewing

Chairside mode eliminates the restraint of computer or internet

Capacitive touch screen enables accurate and sensitive image processing and data management

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